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PostSubject: STT'12 || RULES FOR PLAYERS   Tue Jul 10, 2012 7:54 am


- The tournaments take place in The GzHome Forum and 325-326-327 rooms of GameZer.
- The registration must be done in the correct official way by yourself. (important!)
- With the registration any player agrees with the Tournament rules, which are published in the GzHome Forum.
- All Tournament games are played without guide. If a player invites you for a tournament game with guide, reject.
- In case of a bad mouse button contact, the opponent can as a sign of fair play put back the cue ball to its original position, but in case of taking advantage of this situation putting the ball in a different position the player loose the frame. (New)

Championship Account
- Every player is allowed to play in the tournament with one account only.
- Any player of the tournament is allowed to play with his registered tournament ID only.
- The nick name of every participating player must show ASCII characters only.
- The player must play with the flag of his country.
- To hide the flag or the nickname is forbidden and player can't play without showing correct flag and/or without his registered nickname. (important!)
- In case of multiple accounts a player should use only his highest account for Championships.

ASCII characters:

Disqualifications or penalties

- When the game starts, all the visitors of the game must be silent.
- If a player raises an objection, the referee must decide what to do.
- The use of guide programs is strictly forbidden. If such an abuse is discovered you will be disqualified immediately.
-Insulting the other player or the referee is strictly forbidden. If this happens the moderator may expel the insulting player from the competition presenting the proofs to the organizers.
- Any player who violates the fair play rules of the Gamezer Home Group room or the GzHome Forum, maybe disqualified without any further explanation or discussion from the tournament.
- In case of discovering account sharing in a tournament disqualification obligatory.
- In case of discovering a higher account, the player will be automatically out of championship.

Snooker Rules

- In case of disconnection, if the player who is winning disconnects, the game should be repeated independent of the score difference.
- In case of disconnection, if the player who is loosing disconnects and the score difference is 20 or more points, this player looses the game. (IMPORTANT) (NEW)
- In case of disconnection, if the player who is loosing disconnects and the score difference is less than 20 points, the game must be repeated. The score difference will be noticed and added to the next repeated game. (IMPORTANT) (NEW)
- In case of disconnection, when the red balls are gone, if the player who is loosing disconnects and the score difference is 10 or more points, this player looses the game. (IMPORTANT) (NEW)
- If a player disconnects 2 or more times, he looses the frame. (IMPORTANT) (NEW)
- If the game will be closed because of a timeout, is the same like disconnection.

Snooker Position
-In case of snooker position*, the player who has to shoot must try to hit the goal ball or play indirectly into the direction of the goal ball.
- If the player does not try to hit the goal ball for 2 times, he immediately looses the frame.



0:00 Start the game.
0:10 Start the countdown.
0:20 1-0
0:30 2-0
0:40 3-0
0:50 4-0

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